Consultant Team

Building controls are an increasingly complex minefield. RFA has a long standing working relationship with an experienced team of consultants who are committed to achieving results. These consultants range from Structural Engineers experienced in the latest cost effective construction techniques to Town Planners with an intimate knowledge of Planning Regulations, Law and Planning Precedent to Landscape Architects who are familiar with the requirements of Local Councils and can create landscaping which enhances the amenity of the development.


Boston Blyth Fleming (Town Planning) Greg Boston

ACOR Consultants (Structural, Hydraulics) Chris Rouse

ITM Consultants (Hydraulics) Markus Lachele

Accessible Building Solutions (Accessibility Consultant) Howard Moutrie

E J Fleming Legal (Solicitor LEC) Emma Fleming

NBRS + Partners (Heritage Consultant) Robert Stass

Michael Staunton (Barrister LEC)

Colston Budd Rogers & Kafes Pty Ltd   (Traffic Consultants)     Tim Rodgers